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Meet The Surplus Store Team

Meet The Surplus Store Team
Recently, we visited our Surplus Store to meet Priscila, Daniel and Rose. The team introduce themselves and share what they love about Assembly Label, their go-to wardrobe essentials and the best places to get a coffee when visiting them in-store.

Hi Priscila, can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Priscila and I’m a New Yorker living in Sydney. I have been with Assembly Label for almost three years now. I’m currently completing a degree in Human Services. I’m passionate about social change and I would call myself a creative jack of all trades.

What do you love most about Assembly Label?

What I love the most about Assembly Label is the people I get to work and interact with; they’re wonderful humans. I also love that our stores offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where everyone can find a timeless piece for their wardrobe.

We'd love to know more about your wardrobe staples, what are your everyday essentials?

One of my wardrobe staples is the Mae Dress. I’m always on the go, so this piece is easy to style, flattering and very comfortable. You can always find a Xander Linen Shirt and the Anika Shorts in my wardrobe. I have different coloured sets which are perfect for the Sydney summer.

Where are your go-to coffee and lunch spots to visit when at work?

My favourite local is Mecca Coffee. They have a beautiful space and a great selection of filtered coffee and food. It’s one of my favourite cafes in Sydney.

Describe your ideal summer weekend 

My ideal summer weekend would include a sunrise swim with friends followed by Iggy’s Bakery croissants. After that, a coastal hike, Out of the Blue burgers and some natural wine.

Hi Daniel, can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name Is Daniel, and I am the Store Manager for our Surplus Store in Beaconsfield. I have been with the company since September 2019. During my time with Assembly Label, I have been completing my Masters in Business Administration, part time. Outside of work and study, I spend most of my time with friends, cooking or going out and enjoying the finer things in life, like local restaurants, the beach, or some light shopping. 

What do you love most about Assembly Label?

I love the culture that Assembly Label have created and continue to nurture over the years. They strive to create a comfortable and safe space for customers, and this flows through into our work environment. They continuously nurture talent and are always willing to provide opportunity to those that request it. It is by far my favourite team I have worked with over the years.  

Tell us about your wardrobe staples, what are your everyday essentials?

You’ll always see me in either a Casual Long Sleeve Shirt with a pair of linen Transition or Chino Shorts. My favourite colours at the moment are definitely Green Mist and the new Silver Grey, as it is such a fresh set. 

Where are your go-to coffee and lunch spots nearby the store?

My go to is definitely Draft cafe, they have great coffee and if you’re looking for a good takeaway sandwich, you won’t be able to beat it. 

Describe your ideal summer weekend.

A nice brunch with friends, followed by an afternoon by the pool with cocktails and a cheeseboard. 

Hi Rose, tell us about yourself and what it is you do.

Hi my name is Rose and I am the Assistant Manager at the Surplus Store, I have been with Assembly Label for just over a month. I recently graduated from my double degree in design and media and am often working on little freelance design projects for weddings and events when I’m not in the store. Outside of work, I’m a mum to my gorgeous son Isaac who is almost two and I spend a lot of time at the local park and beach chasing after him and enjoying the sun! 

What do you love most about Assembly Label?

I love Assembly Label's approach to design, creating beautifully thought-out basics in high quality materials. It’s so satisfying working for a brand that embodies the values of quality, sustainability and simplicity that I also feel so connected to. I also love the team I work with every day, it’s great to feel surrounded by like-minded people who make coming to work a joy.

Tell us about your wardrobe staples, what are your everyday essentials?

I absolutely love my High Waist Flare Jeans in Pacific Blue and have just acquired them in the Vintage White too! Those with a Xander Linen Shirt or a Kai Rib Tee and the Double Strap Slides is my perfect everyday outfit!

Where are your go-to coffee and lunch spots nearby the store?

I always grab my morning coffee from Little Me which is just a short walk up from our store. We are a ten-minute walk away from Mentmore & Morley cafe which has the best breakfast food and also Messina, no explanation needed!

Describe your ideal summer weekend.

An early morning swim and snorkel with my partner and son at Clovelly followed by brunch at Gordon’s cafe and a quiet afternoon at home with a book. Oh, and fish and chips for dinner!


Please note that these images were captured prior to NSW Health’s announcement that masks are compulsoryin shopping malls and stores across the state.