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assembly Label Re-Worn

A key goal for our business is to minimise waste by extending the lifespan of our products. That’s the motivation behind our Re-Worn program. Each limited edition Re-Worn capsule features pre-loved Assembly Label pieces that have stood the test of time and deserve a new life in a new wardrobe. You can shop the latest Re-Worn collection online or at our current Re-Worn pop-up location.

About Re-Worn

Re-Worn is a take-back service designed to extend the life of Assembly Label clothing and support a circular economy. It’s part of our long-term commitment to design with the entire lifecycle of our clothing in mind, ensuring all products are eventually repaired, reused or recycled. We have never sent our product to landfill, and it’s our responsibility to ensure your old Assembly Label items don’t end up in landfill either.

How To Contribute

For New Zealand customers you can drop your items off at our Newmarket store.

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We answer your Re-Worn questions here.

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