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The Balance: Abby Ty

The Balance: Abby Ty
Get to know the faces behind our brand. We’re sitting down with a member of our team to learn more about their personal pursuits, wellness rituals and Assembly Label wardrobe essentials. Meet Abby Ty, our Product Developer. 

Hi Abby! Tell us about yourself and your role at Assembly Label.

In my role as product developer with the team, I look after womenswear and menswear. With a carefully considered process, starting from the design idea and vision, I create the final garment. I'm inspired by new fabrications, whether they're in fabric or yarn form, which often leads the development process. It's a technical and hands-on practice with the product, guided by creativity. 

What does an average day at work look like for you?

It's an Assembly Label cliché, but it is hard to define an ‘average day’. My time involves working with garment samples, fitting the styles and collaborating with the team.

How do you create balance in your work and life, are there any rituals or practices you will be employing in 2021?

The last year has surely taught me to put aside fear and procrastination, and explore new creative skills. I've found it humbling to learn something new and it's a different type of process to enjoy. Committing to the same level of time and energy to my creative interests outside of work is important to striking balance. I'm focusing on being present for myself as much as I am in my professional work, and so grateful it's encouraged by our work leaders.

Outside of work, what do you love to do?

I always have a creative work in progress, whether it's (beginner) ceramics, crochet or illustration. Being immersed in nature brings the best joy. We live in a plant-filled home in a green and leafy neighbourhood, so we are lucky to find it effortlessly. Above all, hanging out with my two best friends (one is my precious dog!).

What is your most-worn Assembly Label piece?

My favourite look is a matching set. Either the Cotton Cashmere Lounge Tee with Cotton Cashmere Lounge Short, or a Linen Tee with Ease Linen Short. With the new season approaching, I am looking forward to finding a new favourite colour-coordinated set.
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