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Coat Size Guide

Coat Size Guide

Assembly Label coats are designed with different silhouettes, from intentionally oversized to classic true-to-size. Different styles may fit you slightly differently, so to find the size that’s right for you and your preferred fit, use the measurements in our coat size guide.

The Sadie Coat

Size Guide

XS/S | AU 6-8
Bust: 113cm
Waist: 109cm
Shoulder: 53.9cm
Length: 111.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 53.7cm

S/M | AU 8-10
Bust: 119cm
Waist: 115cm
Shoulder: 56.2cm
Length: 113.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 54.4cm

M/L | AU 10-12
Bust: 125cm
Waist: 121cm
Shoulder: 58.5cm
Length: 115.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 55.1cm

L/XL | AU 12-14+
Bust: 131cm
Waist: 127cm
Shoulder: 60.8cm
Length: 117.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 55.8cm

The Single Breasted Coat

Size Guide

XS/S | AU 6-8
Bust: 106cm
Waist: 102cm
Shoulder: 51.2cm
Length: 90cm
Outside Sleeve: 50cm

S/M | AU 8-10
Bust: 110cm
Waist: 106cm
Shoulder: 52.7cm
Length: 92cm
Outside Sleeve: 51.5cm

M/L | AU 10-12
Bust: 116cm
Waist: 112cm
Shoulder: 55cm
Length: 94cm
Outside Sleeve: 53cm

L/XL | AU 12-14+
Bust: 122cm
Waist: 118cm
Shoulder: 57.3cm
Length: 96cm
Outside Sleeve: 54.5cm

The Arlo Coat

Size Guide

Chest: 99cm
Waist: 99cm
Shoulder: 42cm
Length: 96cm
Outside Sleeve: 65.5cm

Bust: 104cm
Waist: 104cm
Shoulder: 43.5cm
Length: 97.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 66.5cm

Bust: 109cm
Waist: 109cm
Shoulder: 45cm
Length: 99cm
Outside Sleeve: 67.5cm

Bust: 114m
Waist: 114cm
Shoulder: 46.5cm
Length: 100.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 68.5cm

Bust: 119cm
Waist: 119cm
Shoulder: 48cm
Length: 102cm
Outside Sleeve: 69.5cm

The Ezra Belted Jacket

Size Guide

XS/S | AU 6-8
Bust: 105cm
Shoulder: 57.7cm
Side Length: 39.2cm
Length: 73.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 50.3cm

S/M | AU 8-10
Bust: 111cm
Shoulder: 60cm
Side Length: 40.5cm
Length: 75.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 51cm

M/L | AU 10-12
Bust: 117cm
Shoulder: 62.3cm
Side Length: 41.8cm
Length: 77.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 51.7cm

L/XL | AU 12-14+
Bust: 123cm
Shoulder: 64.6cm
Side Length: 43.1cm
Length: 79.5cm
Outside Sleeve: 52.4cm