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Suede is a type of leather that has been brushed or napped for a soft, supple hand and a velvety feel. Its textured surface and matte finish give it a classic, casual appeal.

Suede is flexible and soft. Often used in footwear and accessories, its pliable and breathable qualities make for pieces that fit well from first wear and that get better over time.

Suede is genuine leather—a high-quality, natural and biodegradable fabric.

How to Care For Suede

With suede’s napped finish, the material is more sensitive in nature. It’s thinner than traditional leather, but when properly cared for, it’s known for being just as long-lasting.

For the best preventative care of your suede, we recommend using a professional suede protection spray before wear and storage.

Store suede products somewhere cool and dry and out of direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading.

Please take care to avoid getting suede wet, as dye colour may transfer upon contact with light-coloured fabrics.

We recommend protecting your suede with a protection spray every 2-3 months to help maintain the material's quality and increase its water resistance.

Dirt and dust can be lightly brushed away with a hand or with a soft-bristle brush. Regular brushing will also help your suede to remain free from dust and soft to the touch.