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Aggy's Corner

Aggy's Corner
Named after Sam & Aniella’s daughter, Aggy’s Corner is a friendly neighbourhood coffee shop serving up mouth-watering toasties, baked goods and Skittle Lane coffee. Loved by locals, the cosy corner shop is the perfect spot to gather with friends (and fur-friends!). We visited the husband and wife duo one sunny afternoon to learn more about their approach to coffee and how they’re embracing their local community.

“Aggy’s corner originated from my brother in law really, he wanted to open a store where he could make his jewellery; he’s got a jewellery label - The Fifth Lane. We came across this space, and me being a carpenter, I became involved and we created what turned out to be a full-blown coffee shop.”

Sam wears the Casual Long Sleeve Shirt in White, Chino Short in Silver Grey and the Double Strap Slide in Black.

“We were all just sitting in the living room throwing names around. We knew it used to be a corner store called Earl’s Corner and Aggy was three months old at the time so it just became Aggy’s Corner.”

“Our approach to coffee is quality. We want to give our customers the best possible coffee we can and that’s Skittle Lane. They’ve become really good friends of ours and live so close to us...they've backed us from the beginning.”

Sam wears the Casual Long Sleeve Shirt in White with the Chino Pant in True Navy, Aniella wears the Mae Dress in True Navy and Aggy wears the Kids Logo Tee in True Navy.

“We wanted the space to feel fresh, bright and inviting for everyone. Every brand or product we use or sell at Aggy’s has been tried and tested to ensure we are only serving and selling the best. We have a carefully curated selection of local products and produce that we feel aligns with our ethos. Starting with our coffee beans (all hail Skittle Lane), our baked goods (Butterboy Bake and Staple) all the way through to our retail shelves.”

Sam wears the Casual Long Sleeve Shirt in Silver Grey and the Chino Short in True Navy.

“Our in-house toasties are a huge hit. Currently on the menu is the Ham + Cheese with beetroot and gin relish, the Roastie filled with roasted veggies, two kinds of cheese, jalapeño and tequila relish, The Sloppy Joe with a smokey tomato relish and the Chicken Mayo, which are all served on Staple sourdough with Drunken Sailor relish. We also have a delicious array of baked goods from Butterboy and Staple as well as our house-made treats that include croissants, muffins, cookies, banana bread, pistachio cake, muesli slice, bliss balls and chia pots. And believe it or not, quite a few of these options are gluten-free or vegan!”

Sam wears the Casual Long Sleeve Shirt in True Navy.

“Our community is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. I think that Aggy’s Corner has really brought Balgowlah together, before us I don’t know that they really knew one another. I hope that we’ve helped really bring the community vibe back.”

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