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Art and Experimentation with Alexandria Park

Art and Experimentation with Alexandria Park
Alexandria Park is an inspiring creative, dividing her time between her role as a Fashion Buyer and her work as a commission-based Artist. Drawn to art in all it’s forms, Alex always knew she would pursue a creative career. At her home in Newtown, we sat down to discuss her artist practice, creative inspirations and personal style.

It’s 3 pm, and Alexandria’s apartment is drenched in light, the trees outside cast long shadows across the walls. Stacked atop her glass coffee table, sit a selection of her favourite art books, next to these a glass vase given to her by her mother. Above her lounge hangs a new artwork, part of her experimentation with paint and mixed mediums over raw linen. “My home is an extension of my visual aesthetic - everything is carefully considered, and there is a distinct sense of harmony within the space,” she says, as we sit down. “I often find myself changing the space to suit my mood; you could say it’s my version of feng shui.” 

Lovingly curated, Alex’s apartment is both tonal and textural. Timber and rattan co-exist amongst glass and travertine, while organic forms are nestled amongst classic shapes; typical of Swiss mid-century modern furniture.

Alex wears the Aime Knit in Ivory.

Drawn to art in all forms, it was only natural that Alex would pursue a creative career. “I love the way a piece of art can challenge, stimulate or pinpoint a particular emotion in a moment in time,” she muses. “I’ve always enjoyed deep-diving into an artwork to try and understand the Artist and what they visualised at the point of creation. Naturally, this curiosity encouraged me to develop works of my own.” When asked to describe her practice, Alex defines it as modern, clean and experimental. “I like to experiment with textures and forms, but I usually stay consistent with a neutral, tonal colour palette.”

Alex wears the Kin Top in Black with the Kin Trackpant in Black.

Finding much of her inspiration in experimentation, Alex credits Picasso as an Artist who has had a profound influence on her practice. “A significant inspiration has always been travel - particularly to places where art is in abundance; visiting the Picasso Museum in Barcelona last year was enriching.” she reminisces. “A lot of my works explore nostalgia and memories from travels and vacation’s past. There is always a sense of nostalgic connectivity whether it is of a place, person or abstract form.”

Similarly, her work as a Fashion Buyer has had a huge impact on her practice, “I think fashion and art are largely informed by one another. They revolve around the same creative sphere; both worlds are continually changing and evolving, influencing each other as they go” she says. “I am fortunate enough to be able to weave both occupations in a way that supports me, but also motivates me creatively and soulfully.”

Alex wears the Kin Top in Black with the Kin Trackpant in Black.

Alex’s personal style mirrors her home and art aesthetic perfectly, with her wardrobe consisting of classic silhouettes, relaxed knits and minimal basics, “The most important thing for me is comfort!” she tells us. For lounging at home, she loves the Kin Fleece set in Black “It feels like heaven on” and when leaving the house, her go-to is a neutral-toned knit and a relaxed pair of jeans.

In her new body of work, Alex is experimenting with paint and mixed mediums over raw linen. The earthy richness of the colour palette, reminiscent of colours found in nature, is a rustic, and new aesthetic she is excited to explore more of.

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