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Artists in Residence: Cobalt Series

Artists in Residence: Cobalt Series

To mark the launch of our new season shade Cobalt, we invited eight artists to exhibit their cobalt-coloured works in Assembly Label stores around Australia and New Zealand.

Inspired by the limitless ways in which cobalt can be explored, this new Artists in Residence series spans painting, sculpture, ceramic, beading and glass, and the result is a diverse collection united by a shared fascination with this beguiling shade of blue.

Clementine Maconachie, Totem - Bondi Store
Camille Laddawan, Three, Two, One - Fitzroy Store

Camille Laddawan

Woven into beading artist Camille Laddawan’s delicate works are fragments of text and words transcribed into her aesthetic language, Tone Code. For this particular piece titled Three, Two, One, Camille meditates on the process of starting a family with her partner.

Jess Sellinger

Characterised by evocative curves and fabric-like folds, Jess Sellinger’s ceramic vessels and objects posses a sensual, spirited nature. Through experimenting with cobalt, the Brisbane-based ceramic artist’s work adopts a new, contemporary language.


Using concrete, polymer and pigment, Henryk’s gestural Ultra Matte abstracts push the limitations of painting. The Sydney-based artist’s work is textural to the point of appearing sculptural, and this bold physicality is matched by the paint colours he creates.

“The blue shimmers and glows, seemingly opening up to immaterial realms. Even watching it dry is magical. It transforms.” - Henryk

Bianca Pintan

Inspired by Australian landscapes, Byron Bay-based artist Bianca Pintan works with clay in order to recreate the beauty around her. Imprinted with textural details, Bianca’s vases reflect and exemplify her curiosity and continual exploration of the natural world.

Devyn Ormsby

Artist Devyn Ormsby’s vintage-inspired glass fruit series is an homage to the blown glass fruit makers and collectors of the 1960s. The light-reflecting candy-like nature of these colourful objects belies the weight of the heavy crystal glass.

Skye Jamieson

Skye Jamieson’s abstract paintings are emotional manifestations of her impressions, feelings and experiences. Minimal and fluid, the artist’s work incorporates blue gestures redolent of Yves Klein and the 1960s Situationist art movement.
Devyn Ormsby, Glass Fruit - Newmarket Store
Henryk, Ultra Matte Ode to Yves #26 - Paddington Store

Clementine Maconachie

Sydney-based artist Clementine Maconachie’s striking totems may be carved from aerated concrete, but through an exploration of shape, balance and form, she makes tough industrial materials appear organic, sculptural, and light as a feather.

Clae Studio by Britt Neech

From her home on the Mornington Peninsula, artist Britt Neech explores the infinite possibilities and beauty of ceramic. By bringing the natural textures of the clay to the surface, Britt gives her Yves Klein-inspired blue vessels an expressive quality.
Bianca Pintan, Unique Cobalt Blue Vases from Colour As Energy Edition - Byron Store
Skye Jamieson, My Left Shoulder And My Forehead - QV Store

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