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Billie Iveson, Creative Director & Fashion Director

Billie Iveson, Creative Director & Fashion Director
Billie Iveson is a creative director and fashion director, well known for her refined approach to styling. Her conceptual practice takes cues from the lighting and compositional elements found in art and photography. This, combined with her innate ability to communicate with purpose and style, has put her at the creative forefront of Australian fashion & beauty for the past 10 years. We spent a morning at her Bondi home to learn more about her career journey, personal style and what the future holds for the fashion industry. 

Billie wears the Double Breasted Linen Blazer in Ivory and the Tailored Linen Pant in Ivory.

Hi Billie, can you please introduce yourself? 

I am a creative director living in Bondi. I work with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands on their visual communication and overall brand strategy. 

You have been at the creative forefront of Australian fashion & beauty for the past 10 years in your former role at Russh magazine and now as a freelance creative director and fashion director. What led you to a career in fashion and how have your previous roles shaped the creative you are today? 

I always knew I wanted to work in fashion and when I was finishing university, I interned at various places to try and work out which aspect of fashion I loved most. I tried design, PR and media and ended up working at RUSSH Magazine and then stayed there for almost a decade! Working in media and publishing I really got to immerse myself in so many aspects of the industry and was constantly being challenged, which I loved and was the reason I was there for so long. 

Since being freelance I have been lucky enough to consult and work with beautiful brands on their creative direction and strategy. I have been able to use all the various aspects of my previous roles, from styling to editing, to creative direction and business relationships.

Billie wears the Lora Knit in Black and the High Waist Rigid Jean in Washed Black.

Known for your refined approach to creative direction and styling, your work feels particularly poignant and considered. Where do you find inspiration and how does it inform your creative process? 

I studied Art History so art has always been a big source of inspiration for me.  

Lighting and composition of an image can completely change what is communicated, so looking to art and photography helps inspire new ideas 

I love being aware of what is going on in the world of fashion and beauty, however I also like being a little removed and seeing what ideas come to me straight away. I often find if I overthink, it can lead to revising what was a strong idea.  

I love working in collaboration with a team and creatives - finding solutions throughout a project and being inspired on a shoot day. 

Travel is also a huge inspiration for me - I was lucky enough to travel so widely for work - from Barbardos, to Marrakech and Cannes and fashion week; it's something that I am very much missing at the moment. That said, I have been heading to some beautiful Australian destinations this year. 

What is the most important lesson you have learned during your career so far? 

I think it's important to be constantly growing and evolving, both personally and professionally.  

Also being kind and compassionate is never undervalued.

What are your hopes for the fashion industry and where do you see it moving towards in the future? 

Brands communicating their processes more transparently and bringing the consumer into their practices is empowering for both parties. It helps drive conscious consumption and awareness about sustainability which is an ever-evolving topic. 

Describe a typical day in your life.  

No day is the same which I love. Typically though, I try and get out the door to reformer Pilates as soon as I wake - if I'm short on time I will do FluidForm Pilates at Home.  

If I am shooting, then I will try and fit in an early morning walk and chai to start the day and get out in nature if I will be inside for most of the day.  

My week balances out between being on set shooting and in the office, so I get the best of both worlds. 

Billie wears the Lahni Long Sleeve Top in Washed Khaki.

Define your personal style. 

Pared back and minimal. I favour quality over quantity and love having vintage pieces to wear back with modern day favouritesI'm never one to buy into the 'It' piece as I would rather invest in pieces I know I will wear and love forever. I love a good suit, jeans, a tee and accessories to add some drama.  

Tell us about your home, do you have a favourite piece/object - what is it and where is it from? 

We live in Bondi, on the edge of Bronte, so get the best of both beaches. Our house and back garden gets beautiful sunlight all day, so we are very lucky. 

I started hand building ceramics in the last year and have been adding a collection of vases to our home. This process has been a different creative outlet which I have loved.  

Billie wears the Single Breasted Wool Coat in Oat Marle with the Lora Knit in Black and the High Waist Rigid Jean in Washed Black.

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