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The Bower Byron Bay

The Bower Byron Bay
To celebrate the recent opening of our new Byron Bay store we have partnered with boutique hotel, The Bower to offer customers the chance to win a weekend away in their beautiful Bower Suites. Hotel founder Taliah Lowry shares some of the history behind this unique space and what makes it the perfect place to settle in for a summer holiday.

The Bower Byron Bay

This weekend, we’re giving you the chance to win a weekend away for two staying at the beautiful Bower hotel in Byron Bay, including 2 return airfares to Byron and a dinner at Vietnamese restaurant, Light Years when you shop in-store or online until the end of Sunday, November 11.

Taliah Lowry, founder of The Bower speaks to us about her initial inspirations for the hotel and what makes this boutique accommodation a unique space to enjoy a relaxed, summer holiday in one of Australia’s most beloved coastal towns, Byron Bay. 

What was your background before beginning The Bower?

I’ve always had a passion for interior design and creating unique spaces which led to creating our luxury accommodation brand, Byron Beach Abodes: a collection of villas and homes available for holiday rental in the heart of Byron Bay. BBA developed organically after undertaking a number of renovation projects and a lifetime of dabbling in interior design, construction, and all things interior styling with my creative family. The latest addition to our collective - The Bower - reimagines the whole concept of ‘beach motel’ by combining the barefoot ambiance of Byron Bay with the discreet and effortless elegance of New York boutique accommodation. 

How did the idea for The Bower begin, what was your initial inspiration to create the space?

We discovered a tired old 60’s motel for sale in Byron Bay and could instantly could see its potential. We knew we could retain the old-school charm and nostalgia of the existing motel and elevate it to a 5-star experience. It took a few years to really nail the concept, but after a fabulous trip to NYC for my husband's 50th we were overflowing with inspiration to create our own slice of NYC in Byron’s lush paradise. In New York we were immediately taken by the lines of the squat square buildings in the Bowery District, the imposing awnings, the elegant colour palette, and the eclectic nature of the interiors. You can see a fairly direct reference to these elements as soon as you see The Bower. It was the quiet sophistication of The Bowery area that inspired us most. 

The Bower Byron Bay

Why did you choose to open the hotel in Byron Bay?

We know the area inside out and couldn’t be more in love with the Byron Shire - it's been our home for the majority of our lives. It’s where my husband Sein and I raised our three boys, and where our exploration into the property and hospitality market began. We have a loyal, creative and incredibly inspiring team around us that have worked on most of our projects - builders, landscapers, architects, interior designers, and stylists, and it provided us another opportunity to collaborate.

Plus, from a guest’s point of view, there aren’t many better places to visit than Byron! It’s nature’s wonderland - pristine beaches with turquoise waters, lush hinterland, world-class restaurants, creative and warm people, and a relaxed beach lifestyle that is the undercurrent to everything.  

I have a passion for providing unique, luxury accommodation experiences that reflect the eclectic spirit and beauty of Byron Bay, so having our business locally allows me to combine those loves.

What are the unique features of The Bower and how is it different to other boutique accommodation?

The Bower is a relaxed, palm-filled compound which features accommodation offerings for all experiences: The Bower Suites, The Bower Cottage, The Bower Barn and The Bower House. Each one is unique, re-envisioned and redesigned to offer the understated luxury and simplicity of Byron Beach Abodes, with the emphasis on beauty and simplicity.  

Our Bower Suites set a new benchmark in Australian beach accommodation. Each suite is different, curated with hand-selected vintage and contemporary collections, one-off artwork and finished with sumptuous beds and linens. They combine simple architectural form with rich textured furnishings and fittings to create bespoke interiors that soothe and indulge the senses in equal measure to create a sense of beachside living in relaxed luxury.

And now with the recent addition of our 5-star pool oasis just steps from all of our accommodation, the ultimate beachside holiday experience is complete!  Oh, and some of the best cafe food in Byron is steps away at the Byron General Store.

What can guests expect when visiting the hotel? 

Sincere, friendly, helpful customer service with exceptional local knowledge. A luxury aesthetic, right down to the minutest detail, with every element thought of to make your experience as amazing and luxurious as possible. A feeling of total relaxation and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of town, but still close enough to walk to restaurants, shops, bars, and the beaches. Or you could ride one of our complimentary Lekker bikes to cruise in style.

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The Bower Byron Bay

 The Bower Byron Bay

The Bower Byron Bay