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Unearthing The Power of Aromatherapy with Basium

Unearthing The Power of Aromatherapy with Basium

The story of natural perfume and aromatherapy brand Basium begins with its founder, Constanze Saemann, at home, blending oils by hand. To remedy the demands of her work as a model, Constanze began studying and experimenting with aromatherapy, and now five years later Basium natural perfume oils are stocked at Assembly Label. Developed in the UK, these exquisite self-care products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free and created using seasonal ingredients wherever possible. To learn more about Basium, we caught up with the naturopathy student, model, yogi and flourishing brand founder…

Constanze wears the Ena Silk Shirt and Pant in Burnt Ochre.

What inspired you to launch Basium?

I began creating Basium when I was working full-time as a model. I had become exhausted and was looking for something to help ground me when on the road, so I started to blend oils and educate myself on holistic remedies. After further studies and great feedback on my aromatherapy blends, I decided to turn it into a brand around two years ago. 

Have you always had an interest in aromatherapy and natural remedies? 

I’ve always been interested in treating ailments naturally. Also, when travelling to different countries I’ve been inspired by the ancient natural remedies many cultures still rely on. It is a great reminder that natural remedies work and that we are not separate from nature. 

When creating Basium products, what are your ‘non-negotiables’? 

It is non-negotiable for me to use organic ingredients, as I do in my daily life. I also avoid the use of essential oils that are endangered due to over-harvesting, such as sandalwood. This is one of the reasons we decided to use ‘dead sandalwood oil’ in some products. This oil is made in Western Australia from branches fallen to the forest floor, which supports the natural cycle of the tree. This technique allows all parts of the sandalwood tree to be used, which makes this one of the first sustainably sourced sandalwood oils.

What sets Basium perfume oils apart?

Basium was created from the need to return to nature and to value our earth mindfully. We are a female-run business focused on a sharp product line that is good for you! 

Do you have a favourite Basium scent at the moment?

I love using our Calor scent at the moment. The word ‘Calor’ translates to warmth and the scent reminds me of a glowing late summer evening with its notes of eucalyptus and bergamot.  

“I love using our Calor scent. The word ‘Calor’ translates to warmth and the scent reminds me of a glowing late summer evening with its notes of eucalyptus and bergamot.”

Which perfume oil would you recommend to instil calm, and which is is best for uplifting?

Beau was created to calm our busy minds. It is filled with many soothing and grounding oils such as cedar leaf oil and dead sandalwood oil. These earthy scents can help to alleviate mild anxiety and feel connected to the earth. Flora is great for uplifting moods. It contains limonene from grapefruit, its main ingredient, which helps to shift blocked energy. A perfect spring/summer scent!

What does your daily beauty routine look like?

I like to keep my beauty routine quite simple. It mostly consists of nourishing myself from the inside out with seasonal and fresh products, as well as practicing yoga and meditation whenever possible. 

What is the self-care advice you live by?

Listen to your body. It speaks to you and knows what’s best for you. 

What has been the greatest reward to come from launching Basium?

Meeting so many incredible like-minded people and inspiring each other to change how we treat ourselves and our mother earth.

Where do you hope to see Basium in five years?

I am dreaming of having a physical space in nature where we can welcome people to escape their busy lives for a few days to re-centre, rejuvenate and live the full Basium experience!
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