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Summer Skincare With
F. Miller

Summer Skincare With  F. Miller

When Fran Miller launched her skincare line F. Miller in 2014, words like ‘certified organic’, ‘clean’ and ‘free from’ hadn’t yet found their way into our everyday beauty lexicon. But with a refined edit of high quality, nutrient-rich, multi-tasking formulas that are made for daily use, F. Miller wrote a new dialogue around skincare and transformed expectations of what our products could, and should, do. Inspired by the purity of minimalism, the efficacy of botanical ingredients and the necessity to use circular materials and minimise waste, F. Miller is an archetype of plant-based beauty and a natural fit for the Assembly Label Lifestore. With summer well and truly here, it’s time to reassess self care routines and prepare for the heat and humidity, and who better to ask for skincare advice than the founder of this leading brand. Here, Fran shares her favourite summer products, treatments and tips.

The product…

“F. Miller Toning Mist, layered between all my skincare steps and throughout the day for instant hydration and balance. I like to keep it chilled in the fridge during the summer for a refreshing, cooling moisture boost for face and body.”

The routine…

“I’m extra diligent with SPF and Vitamin C to keep hyperpigmentation at bay. I aim to exfoliate a few times per week using a gentle enzyme or exfoliating liquid to help slough away dead skin — humidity, sunscreen and sweat can slow cellular renewal so I need a little extra help in the summer.”
“I lighten up on my moisturiser (two drops of our Face Oil on damp skin is all I need for all-day hydration) and I include a water-based serum before it, which helps skin draw it in and hold moisture. We’ve been formulating our own serum for over a year now and I’m very excited to introduce it to the line next year, just in time for our summer weather.”
“I also reserve our Cleansing Oil for evening, to gently dissolve and rinse away the day’s sweat, debris and sunscreen, and to ensure my skin barrier remains happy.”

“I layer F. Miller Toning Mist throughout the day for instant hydration and balance. I keep it chilled in the fridge during the summer for a refreshing, cooling moisture boost for face and body.”

The treatment…

“Hammam deep body scrub at the beginning of the season to resurface, smooth and exfoliate. I also love masking more often to keep sweaty skin clear and decongested. My go-tos are manuka honey or a mineral-rich clay to help balance oil production. I like to blend either with a few drops of F. Miller Face Oil to nourish and restore radiance.”

The seasonal swap…

“I put away heavy balms and night time creams that I reach for during Canadian winters and stick to hydrosols, moisture-focused treatments and oils when the weather turns warm.”

 The summer skin foods…

“I crave loads of fresh fruit and water-rich foods in the summer to support internal and external hydration: watermelon and feta salad, cucumber, fennel, iced hibiscus tea, juices and smoothies, and anything fermented.”
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